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Flanders Fields comes to Victoria

Flanders Fields comes to Victoria

1 September 2014

At Land Securities, we are engaged in the task of making Victoria one of London’s most dynamic and inviting areas whilst also celebrating the rich heritage and culture in the local area. There’s no more poignant a time to do so than now, the centenary of World War I. This year saw the opening of the Flanders Fields Memorial Garden in Wellington Barracks supported by Land Securities. The garden, adjacent to Buckingham Palace, is an initiative of The Guards Museum and is supported by Flanders House in London.

The garden features soil from Flanders Fields, a place where soldiers from all five of the household regiments fought. This is truly ground-breaking because soil has never been allowed to leave the battlefield before.

On Tuesday in recognition of Land Securities’ support for the garden, Andrew Wallis, curator of The Guards Museum, presented Colette O’Shea, Managing Director of Land Securities’ London Portfolio with a memorial plaque which signifies the recovery of soil from Flanders Fields.

Around the outside edge of the circular wall, the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ written by John McCrae is engraved along with the names of the regiments. The circular wall embraces the soil in which many soldiers found their last resting place.